Brigitte Baden-Rennie



PERFORMANCE ON VIMEO: Something Cool (Live) here & The Queen of Cool here.

MOST RECENT PRODUCTION: The Queen of Cool page here


Brigitte Baden-Rennie brings a wealth of experience in multiple arts disciplines gained over the past 35 years. Performer, writer, programmer and director, with a particular passion for narrative cabaret. Brigitte lives in both the UK and Australia.

Launching the first cabaret festival in S.E. England in 2011 called “The Kent Cabaret Soiree”, Brigitte’s company, The Mosaic Cat, was established in 2012 with the aim of creating, programming and nurturing the art of story telling as well as collaborating on local community events. In 2013 the Mosaic Cat was part of the “Honey Pot” programme for the Adelaide Fringe resulting in support for a small group of Adelaide artists in the UK through networking, gig bookings and accomodation.

Self-written and produced productions Include;

“Speak of the Devil”, “Partners in Crime” which was nominated best cabaret at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2011, “Ink: Letters and Lyrics” (commissioned by Thanet District Council Arts, UK), “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf”, “Peggy Lee & Friends” and “The Queen of Cool”


“Back to Back by Bacharach” (a two act musical) with Graeme Davies & Jamie Moore; “One Art” an opera cabaret with international opera singer Laure Meloy and “Hit the Road to Dreamland” an homage to Johnny Mercer with Kym Purling

Funding Awards:

Research & Development funds through Arts Council England x 2, Canterbury City TAP fund and local council funding arms in Kent and Thanet.

Directing & Workshops:

“Love Cabaret”Workshop: Adelaide Arts and Cultural Grant

“Man for All Seasons” and “After Electra” (community productions in Kent, UK)

Medieval poetry and music banquet evenings for Conquest House, Canterbury, Kent

“One Art” a unique opera cabaret based on the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop (Canterbury Festival, New York, London and south England to date)

Youth worships:

Spotlight Talent Agents (Adelaide)

Drama courses and workshops for the Fitzroy Language Group (UK),

Self directed: All 3 shows awarded 5 stars when premiered at the Adelaide Fringe.



  • Partners in Crime: Adelaide History Festival

  • The Queens of Cool: Adelaide Arts & Cultural Grant

  • Hit the Road to Dreamland: celebrating Johnny Mercer with the Kym Purling trio

  • The Queen of Cool: the life and loves of Peggy Lee. Adelaide Festival Fringe

  • Just for a Thrill: Jazz Cabaret celebration of female songwriters with Sandie White – NSW.

  • The Queen of Cool: Peggy Lee. Canterbury Festival, Spiegeltent – Covid cancelled

  • The Queen of Cool: Peggy Lee. Crazy Coq’s, London (Cafe Zedel) – Covid cancelled

  • The Queen of Cool: Peggy Lee. Pheasantry London – Covid cancelled

  • Peggy Lee: Is that all there Is? Pheasantry, London & Pizza Express Live, Maidstone

  • Peggy Lee: Is that all there Is? National Wine Centre, Adelaide

  • Peggy Lee & Friends (UK)

  • Peggy Lee & Friends. Terrace Bar, Adelaide Oval.

  • Half of 2, Live on 5, Adelaide Oval.

  • Songs of a Hopeless Optimist . Canterbury Festival Umbrella 2016

  • One Art. Letters & Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop. World Premiere. Director, producer & co-writer. Performed by Laure Meloy 2016

  • Who’s afraid of The Big Bad Wolf? A celebration of female songwriters – The Canterbury Festival and Looping the Loop Festival 2014 & touring 2015

  • Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Women write songs too! awarded 5 stars Adelaide Fringe 2014

  • Canterbury Festival, Spiegeltent Tea Dance 2013

  • Back to Back by Bacharach. The Mosaic Cat Festival, Kent

  • Ink: Letters & Lyrics. Commissioned by Thanet Arts, Kent, UK for the “Warming Words” season 2011

  • Partners in Crime (awarded 5 stars Adelaide Fringe 2011) Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney

  • Speak of the Devil. Adelaide Fringe

  • Judy. The life and loves of Judy Garland. Adelaide Fringe and Riverland tour, SA.

Musical Theatre/Music/Review

  • “Cluedunnit”: Adelaide team. Improve/character based murder mystery

  • “Love is in the Air” Barossa Valley, Adelaide. Balloon Adventure. Valentines Day serenade.

  • “Merry Melodies” Village tour, Kent UK

  • “Cabaret” (State theatre Co Adelaide with the Aust. Dance Theatre)

  • “Company” Role: Amy (Actors Co-op)

  • “Top Gum” (independent children’s theatre)

  • “Adders”

  • “It’s a squeeze”; “Full House”; “What’s New” and “Just Write” (Junction Theatre)

  • Jazz gigs (UK with Frances Knight & Jamie Moore)


  • “As you like it” (Shakespeare in the park, Kent CC)

  • “Her Big Chance” (Alan Bennett, Ramsgate Spring Festival)

  • “Sunny’s Inferno” (Jermyn Street Theatre, London)

  • “All those in favour” (Mainstreet Theatre Company)

  • “A Doll’s House” (The Big Ensemble)

  • “Ariadne” (Adelaide University)

  • “Set your mind on wishing” (Patch Theatre Company)

  • “A Streetcar Named Desire” (Harvest Theatre Company)

Film & Television

  • “The River Kings” (Prospect Productions)

  • “The Museum of Here & Now” (A.B.C. Adelaide)

  • “The Alien Years” (Resolution films/A.B.C.)

  • ‘Here’s Humphrey” (Channel Nine, Adelaide Pilot)


  • “You are not Alone” (Co-Productions, Adelaide)

  • “Better them than Us (Milton Ingerson Productions)

  • “Child Sexual Abuse” (A.B.C. Adelaide)

  • “Caught in the act” (Film House Corporation)


  • Conquest House Gallery, Canterbury – Festival & Events Programming 2016

  • Inaugural committee member – POW! Thanet. (Power of Women. Thanet) 2016 & 2017 festivals

  • Founder and Artistic Director of “The Mosaic Cat”: creating and producing narrative cabaret

  • “Billy Elliot the Musical” (Production Team: House Parent, LWAA Sydney & Melbourne)

  • “The King and I” (Gordon Frost & Adelaide FCT)

  • “Struck by Lightning” (Dark Horse Productions, Actor on Attachment through Equity S.A.)

  • “Mama Mia” (Sydney season, Wardrobe)

  • “Queen and the Rebels” (Unley Youth Theatre, Production Manager)

  • “Margate Arts Festival” (Promote Live Theatre segment)

  • Artistic Director for Broadstairs “Summer Sounds” season 2014 & 2015