PAW PRINTS: Past Events

It all began at The Tom Thumb with  . . . .The Kent Cabaret Soiree in 2011 featuring Leanne Jones in “Have you met Miss Jones”; Brigitte Baden-Rennie’s “Partners in Crime”, Jason Allen’s “Sway” and Tamara Von Stein zu Leitershofen’s “Opera Lap Diva”

Back to Back by Bacharach

The Cat’s commission this year written by the wonderful Graeme Davies and Jamie Moore with some editorial and concept ideas by Brigitte Baden-Rennie

See more about the show here.

“Damsel in Shining Armour” and “Hot” The Cat is a real fan of this talented performer.

Jamie Moore and Brigitte Baden-Rennie performed shows in the intimate salon Bohemia for the “Up Close and Personal” series.

Jamie Moore and Dave Reay: “In A Chord” See more of Jamie Moore and Dave Reay here.

The Mosaic Cat Dinner show: EKC restaurant with Java Jam

The Mosaic Cat Variety Fund Raiser

Lisa Payne (Miss Maybe) and Jane Wenham-Jones compered. The remaining cast of talented entertainers included; Ian Crosher (nominated Best Actor for Waiting for Godot), Jane Pulford, Lydia Crosher, Jon Carr (excerpts of his Spike Milligan show), Steve Bradley (songs of Bobby Darren), the “Peek a Boos” (family friendly burlesque), Emma Jane Nettlington, Janice Biggs, Darren Hill & Connor Maud (comedy), Katherine Elvin, Bill Harris, Jenevieve Phillipson and Rob Doyle and Eda Kuran-Doyle.

 Claire Healy: “Clara Bell is Flamboyant” at The Tom Thumb

Claire (Australia) brought her pre-Edinburgh show down to The Tom for a work out.

Rose Collis: Trouser wearing characters

A wonderful evening with Rose who also gave a Q&A after the show . . .  a multi-talented writer, performer and so much more.  Visit Rose Collis here.

Femmes Fatales: Songs for Scarlet Women with Sarah Moule , vocals and Simon Wallace on piano. Go to Sarah’s web site here.

The Moor Rose (World Music) Australia Stuart Rose with Penny Callow performing “Wondrous”.

Jeffery Paparoa Holman (New Zealand) accompanied by Jamie Moore on guitar . 

New Zealand poet and historian presenting a selection of works. Bliss

Frances Knight and Brigitte Baden-Rennie “Close Up & Personal”

The Mosaic Cat’s end of season dinner at East Kent College with the Tim Vinall trio featuring Brigitte Baden-Rennie on vocals

When Peggy met Ella Sarah Moule (Femmes Fatales)and Shireen Francis

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? A celebration of female songwriters with Brigitte Baden-Rennie & Jamie Moore

Broadstairs Summer Sounds

The Mosaic Cat in collaboration with the Broadstairs Town Team premiered a new open access event for the community  which acknowledged the accomplishments of hard working volunteers in the community celebrated with live music from musicians based in Thanet and Kent..

Paul Gunn & Company Somewhere between an English tea room, a Latin dance orchestra, a classical chamber recital and a smokey jazz club you will find Paul Gunn and his musicians.

Sarah Jane Morris in concert.

Jamie Moore & Brigitte Baden-Rennie in concert

Brigitte Baden-Rennie & Frances Knight in concert

One Art – an opera cabaret performed by Laure Meloy

Peggy Lee & Friends Brigitte Baden-Rennie & her Mosaic Cat band with special guest, Jason Allen

Peggy Lee: Is that All there Is? Brigitte Baden-Rennie & the Mosaic Cat trio

Peggy Lee: The Queen of Cool performed Brigtte Baden-Rennie & The Mosaic Cat trio 

Merry Melodies with Jamie Moore & Brigitte Baden-Rennie (music with Patricia Mahoney (spoken word)

Partners in Crime – Not a Day Goes By performed by Brigitte Baden-Rennie with the Mosaic Cat Band